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One of the key product lines given by Shenzhen Connect me Co. Ltd. is Zentality, which develops incredible goods for boosting technology accessories & and new product lines at competitive costs. Zentality Tablets and accessories are distinguished by their modern, minimalist style. The designers at Zentality take great care when choosing materials to ensure that their goods maintain the value of other product lines and high-end technology accessories.

A group of gifted and seasoned individuals founded Zentality. They foresaw customer needs and expectations and guided the business toward long-term success. We pledge to deliver state-of-the-art, superior items to our customers that are far above their expectations. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond production to all aspects of business operations, including service. being in operation


Our business makes advancements in the creation of techniques that make life simpler or more fun. The Technology Development Process (TDP) is a planned procedure for creating novel knowledge, abilities, and artefacts that, in turn, allow platform development.


Access to various resources is now attainable for people from all walks of life because of technology. Furthermore, technology is being utilized to provide people who require a specific kind of support with tools to enhance their quality of life and enable them to take advantage of possibilities that might otherwise be inaccessible.

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Our business focuses primarily on user-friendly living solutions, ranging from control technology to beautiful product design.


The term "design technology" often refers to the technological methods and instruments used in design, the function of designers, the creation and innovation of new products, as well as the study of materials and green design.


recognize, take into account, and resolve issues through original planning, design, and use of various tools, materials, and accessories.



We are manufacturing Shenzhen Connect me Co. Ltd.'s product line through our Manufacturing Technology Company, which entails software-designed procedures and methods.


to enhance manufacturing procedures, such as quality control, shop floor management, inventory management, worker training, manufacturing equipment, and digital transformation in manufacturing, as well as quality, productivity, and those areas.

A segment of the manufacturing sector called "high-tech manufacturing" concentrates on creating goods with

cutting-edge technologies such as others.

Our expertise can be used to improve inefficiencies and schedules, resulting in higher-quality goods.



We have a strong and powerful brand identification, and we've had a respectable market share for more than 12 years.

We are committed to giving our clients cutting-edge, superior products that surpass their expectations. Beyond manufacturing, we are dedicated to excellence in all parts of business operations, including service.


Our business was founded on the idea of conducting business responsibly, and our fundamental values permeate every aspect of it.


​Throughout the world, Zentality products are available. consisting of premium resellers, hypermarkets, consumer electronics, and niche retailers.

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